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About Us

AOD Federal Credit Union was federally chartered on April 21, 1950, as a financial cooperative to serve its members. The credit union’s original charter group consisted of 45 members who were all employed by the Anniston Ordnance Depot. AOD Federal Credit Union’s first day of operation was May 4, 1950, in an office located on the Depot property.

Since 1950, AOD Federal Credit Union has grown to six branches, located throughout Anniston with more than 420 select employer groups. For over 69 years, the credit union’s goal has been to provide its members with savings programs, competitive lending and checking products, and a variety of other convenient services tailored to fit the needs of each individual member.

AOD Federal Credit Union’s 65 years of service and experience has positioned the credit union to become one of the largest and most stable credit unions in the state. Our Mission Statement, Working Vision Statement, and Organizational Values all reflect this.

In summary, AOD Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative-owned entirely by our members-and operated exclusively for their benefit. Each member has a voice in selecting the board of directors. Just like a shareholder, each member receives earnings in the form of low interest rates on loans, high dividends on savings, and a large variety of financial services.

AOD Federal Credit Union is a cooperative organized for members to pool their savings, lend them to one another, and own the organization where they save, borrow, and obtain related financial services.