Combat Park

Combat Park


Airlines & Attractions Non-Profit Organization

About Us

Over 86,400 square feet of Paintball Courses, Mini Paintball Tanks, Gun and Equipment Rental for all paintball activities.

Drive a tank! We have a 105mm self propelled Howlitzer tank with a 1/4 mile track.

Play in the dirt with our Excavator, ride in our Military Hum-Vee, ride and play on our full size Fire Truck or plow around on our Military Snow Cat (and more)!

Have a blast while, Safely, rappelling on our phenomenal Rappel Tower!

Birthday Parties for kids or Adults, Team Building Exercises, Bachelor Parties, Church Groups, Plus FUN for everyone!

Looking for a massive Trade Day? Veterans Trade Day's massive Pavilions and a Delicious Concession Stand that serves amazing food and beverage are a big part of the Combat Park experience.


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