Spire Alabama Inc.


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About Us

Our mission: Answer every challenge, advance every community and enrich every life through the strength of our energy

Every day we serve more than 1.7 million customers making us the fifth largest publicly traded natural gas company in the country. We help families and business owners fuel their daily lives through our gas utilities serving Alabama, Mississippi and Missouri. Our natural gas-related businesses include Spire Marketing, Spire STL Pipeline and Spire Storage. We are committed to transforming our business and pursuing growth through 1) growing organically, 2) investing in infrastructure, 3) advancing through innovation.

At Spire, we believe the greatest energy in the world comes from one source—people. So we created a strategy to use that energy for good and have a positive, measurable impact on the world around us. See how we did in our third Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Energy keeps our world turning, moving us forward. At Spire, we'll keep stepping forward, advancing and innovating for a better tomorrow.


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