USA Cycling, in an official statement on March 15, 2020 about the COVID-19 outbreak, recommended the cancellation of all sanctioned events, as well as they announced the suspension of permits for all events until April 5th, with said suspension possibly being extended past this date. Following their guidance, the Noble Street Festival and Sunny King Criterium will be postponed.

At this time, Sunny King Criterium Director, Marilyn Hill, has submitted a rescheduling request to USA Cycling for potentially holding the event in the Fall of 2020. The Sunny King Criterium is a UCI inscripted event; therefore, it is part of the USA Cycling Professional Road Tour.

Thus, given the event’s top tier status, our rescheduling request should be prioritized and seeing as such, we fully expect a new date to be agreed upon in the near future. Once, a rescheduled date is agreed upon by all vested parties, Sunny King Criterium Director, Marilyn Hill, will be forthcoming with that information and the public shall be promptly informed at that time.

In regard to the Noble Street Festival, it too shall be rescheduled to the same timeframe as the Sunny King Criterium. Main Street Anniston Director, Ms. Reilly Johnson, asks all previously registered vendors who may have questions, to contact her at:

Thank you all for your understanding, as we steadfastly work through this situation in order to ensure the public receives a fun and exciting Noble Street Festival and Sunny King Criterium in the Fall of 2020.